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On the subject of smoking...
by Kody Ansharr


April 30, 2004

Brandi Conway writes: "I don't see still how we can say it's about freedom to choose when many people's right to choose are taken away when they are subjected to having to breath in the second hand smoke of the smokers. So is it really about one's right to choose?"

I fail to see how you are forced to enter a smoke filled bar.That is where the right to chose comes into play,you follow? But what about the kids?? That argument seems to be trotted out all the time. OK Lets take a look. No-one under the age of 21 is allowed to work (more on the workers later) or patronize pubs.

But what about restaurants? I don't have the numbers but I do believe the non-smoking restaurant establishments far outweigh the smoking. So, if a parent makes a CHOICE(hey,there's that word) to knowingly bring a child into a smoke filled lounge, who in your mind is ultimately responsible?So much for that argument.

But what about the poor bar tenders? I am a welder by trade, it was my adult CHOICE to become a welder.There is very good money to be made welding.But I am exposed to welding fumes (burning paint fumes,etc) and far worse things than second hand smoke. I knew I would be exposed before I became a welder. But I made my adult CHOICE just as bar tenders/waiters do. As far as your other "smoking-is-BAD-for-everyone" truisms-Thanks for the info.

Hey, I have a solution! The government should ban non-smokers from entering a smoking establishment since they can't seem to keep themselves out.

Kody Ansharr
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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