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Not until more start caring
by Karen Ramsey


May 01, 2004

No, the litter and junking problem in Ketchikan will not go away until more of us start caring. My husband just programmed Mr. Cegelske's number into his cellphone. I think I will do the same. Maybe we can also help by reporting flagrant violations of litter laws. One morning this week I drove behind a pickup heading into town. The tailgate was down and there was assorted garbage in the bed just waiting to be blown out. I couldn't make out the license number because the plate was dirt-crusted. I wondered about the cluelessness of the driver.

I think it's going to take a magic wand waved over the heads of many of Ketchikan's citizens to make them stop littering. One of my young students told me the other day during a litter discussion, "You're new here; we just do that!" The discussion got more interesting after that. I felt more hopeful when another of my young students told me he chastized his cousin for throwing a popsicle stick into the street. He told the little boy he was "polluting the world." We can make a difference by being good examples to our children and by convincing them that littering is wrong.

Once again, Mr. Cegelske, I would like to commend you for bringing this issue to the forefront locally. Please, please, please do not get discouraged by some of our irresponsible citizens' actions. As you say, the area is looking a little better. With continued vigilance, who knows, maybe someday littering and roadside junking won't be a problem here, and we can be proud of the way Ketchikan looks. I really appreciate your efforts.

Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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