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Will it ever stop?
by Jerry A. Cegelske


May 01, 2004

Thursday I had the privilege of spending over an hour looking through household garbage that was in the back of the truck left Wednesday night near the entrance to Air-Marine Harbor. This was the third junk truck I looked at in the last two days. The real bad thing is that some of the garbage dated to September 2002! I contacted the owner and he said he had a kid that was to get rid of the truck and garbage but left the truck there. He said it would be gone in two days. Hopefully it will be gone.

Someone left a junk pickup on Roosevelt Drive for the former owner to move. He sold it but didn't bother to update the registration, so he is the responsible person for getting it to the Ward Cove site.

There was a nice junker Isuzu left at mile 8.5 S. Tongass that will be worth a citation next week. They were sneaky enough to take the plates off the truck and they ripped all the covers with addresses off the 50 or so magazines and catalogs they left in the vehicle. The only problem is there was a witness to them towing it out there on Sunday.

What a way to litter after all the work that went into Clean-up Week! I do think the Borough is looking cleaner than it has in awhile.

Thanks to the people of Air-Marine Harbor for taking the time to cover the trash in the pickup before the ravens and crows got into it and for contacting me about it so I could get it removed without cost to the taxpayers. Also thanks to the citizen who was kind enough to stop and tell me about seeing the truck being towed out to 8.5 mile and dropped off and giving me a lead on who did it.

Will it ever stop?

Have a nice litter free weekend.

Jerry A. Cegelske
Code Enforcement Officer
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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