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Rights or a question of common courtesy?
by Brandi Conway


May 01, 2004

I understand what you are saying (Kody) that it's our choice to walk into a smoke filled
bar. Well up until Fat Stans there were no smoke free bars and so I guess a lot of us non-
smokers made that choice. I don't think smoking in the bars should be done away with but it would be nice to have more smoke free bars. Fat Stans is great, but a little small. I only commented on the right to choose because I think it's not a fair statement for either side to use in this debate. No matter how you look at it, someone's rights will be violated or taken away.

When I mentioned the children as well as the right to choose, I was talking about any place. Of course I don't mean to bring kids to the bar, I am sure you could have guessed that. I am talking about places like the city park, the play grounds or baseball fields. You have people who do not care when children are present, they light up and will even blow smoke in the direction of children. Heck it doesn't matter if the person is a child are not. So what I want to know is when you are sitting on the bleachers watching your child's game and the person next to you lights up and starts smoking and smoke is going all directions, whose rights were just infringed upon? Or if the person was asked maybe to wait to smoke or smoke somewhere else. Is that against their rights? I guess it is a question of common courtesy.

I used to be a smoker and haven't smoked in almost 8 years, but even when I did smoke I took into consideration the people around me - especially children. I just believe smoking anywhere around kids or people with respiratory problems is wrong, regardless of the smoker's rights. I thought that even as a smoker but maybe I am alone in this thought. But, oh well, it has never bothered me to put someone else's rights above mine.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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