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USS Enterprise
By Marvin Seibert


April 11, 2012
Wednesday PM

I had to react to this ridulous notion of using the USS Enterprise for Gravina Access. Has anyone talked to Admiral James T. Kirk to make sure he is willing to give up his command of the Starship? What about the hazard of the residue left over by the dilithium crystals? Also would the United Federation of Planets agree to exempt this venture from the 'Prime Directive' of interfering with native life since the Enterprise would be in conflict with Salmons and migrating whales?

Since our own Federal government seems unable to make a decision, I would suggest contacting the Klingons... they know how to get things done without all the red tape!

QA TLHO' - KAHTLOE'.... Kilingon word for I Thank you!

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs, CO

About: "I currently live in Colorado and will be moving permanently to Ketchikan in the next few years."

Received April 05, 2012 - Published April 11, 2012

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