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USS Enterprise
By Don Borders


April 11, 2012
Wednesday PM

I find the view point presented by Mr. Dornblaser absolutely admirable to the fact that his idea is very much “outside the box thinking” and the local opposition opposed it due to because  it was not theirs or inside the box thoughts, the small box folks can stay in their confining box.

Practical ideas are the life blood to new developments. Placing the USS Enterprise here in Ketchikan would solve many problems that fail to get outside the norm in the box thinking. I would suggest a more practical location at Ward Cove, There, some Cruse Ship is not likely to plow into it. In the Cove the power grid merges from three different directions. The location would be an added function and access to many various users ranging from Alaska State Marine Engineering to supporting the local Ship yard. Three of the six power plants could provide all the power Ketchikan needs and allow everyone to convert from Diesel heat to electric. Its internal structures would be able to treat the water and sewer for the whole island. The power plants would be secure from earthquakes. The ship would still provide an spectacle for the tourist to see. The Cruse Ships could stop by and dump their waste effluent, fill up with treated water and steam off into the sunset. Galleys, (best  kitchens in the world), like no others can provide meals for thousands. The freezers on board are capable of supporting the fishing fleet and dispense local caught Sea Food to the Cruse Ships while offloading their waste. I would be willing to say that there are many deep pocketed tourist who would be glad to get the opportunity to stay a night or two in the Admirals state room just to say that they did it. The list goes on and on only limit is to what point can the practical meet the demand or needs. All while creating local year around jobs for local people.

Support for the ship's power plants would be local and Skill-crafts trained by the local unions who are currently insuring that the communities needs in power, water, and waste are sufficiently taken care of. Management from the two converging governments laps at Ward Cove, therefor, dual participation would be needed and involved. Current Managers who make some of the highest salaries in the US would finally earn their keep for the tax payers of Ketchikan. I view the placement of the USS Enterprise a valid and doable solution to the current islands growth and future. Working Keeping the Ketchikan community a small quaint artiste-footsie community is not growth for the whole but only a select and very narrow segment of the Alaskan people at large. A growing Ketchikan needs a broad spectrum of occupations where all peoples will have an opportunity to support them selves and their families futures by negotiating an honest wage so they can afford to live here. A wide infrastructure is where the community as a whole can sustain growth and develop.

Diversity development is dependent on several needs which currently Ketchikan is either not providing or is lacking sufficiently for a large company. The staggering load which companies sway under are; oversight by local taxes, electrical power availability and cost, location for growth, and supporting governments who encourage development beyond their normal “in the box” boundaries. Alaska has many resources and encouraging one small segment is a waste of its peoples skills / crafts. The USS Enterprise is a good start towards solving the many woes of Ketchikan. Truthfully, I enjoy the chalked sidewalks and painted windows, however, they all disappear when the sidewalks become crowded by visitors in town for only the day.

Don Borders
Ketchikan, AK

About: "New ways to do things are progress, doing things the same way for years is not."

Received April 03, 2012 - Published April 11, 2012

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