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Contempt for "tea baggers"
By Richard Easbey


April 23, 2009

Well, well, well. In David Hanger's screed published 04/21/09, he manages to parrot just about every DNC talking point/leftist ad hominem I've seen since last Wednesday's Tea Party. And he starts off magnificently with the elitism and snobbery which only a leftist is capable of, with his remark about Republicans not reading. Yep, that's right, Dave. Those of us who don't agree with statists like yourself are just a bunch of dummies. Thanks for clearing that up. Oh, and by the way: calling us "tea baggers" is so last week. What is it with the left's obsession with this particular sex act? What are you, 12? (If you don't know what "tea-bagging" is, ask a middle schooler.)

He's right about one thing, though: I have in fact received my lower tax rate. I get a whopping $13 more in my paycheck every two weeks. And by the way, Davey, how come guys like you don't write your own checks to the Treasury Department? Clearly, you feel we're not taxed enough in this country. I am fairly certain they'll gladly cash your check. Oh, wait: it's never YOU who aren't taxed enough. It's always anyone who makes more than you.

What is my complaint, you ask Dave? My complaint is that the whirlwind of change we're seeing under this administration does not portend good things. The reckless spending is just the beginning: after bottoming out at $658 billion in 2012 a level more than 40 percent above the highest deficit under the presidency of George W. Bush CBO projects the deficit to increase to $1.2 trillion in 2019, or 6 percent of GDP. By 2019 government spending would take up nearly a quarter of GDP, far higher than at the peak of Iraq war spending, and the highest, excepting 2009 and 2010, since World War II.

Here's another complaint I have, Dave: we have an administration which hasn't even filled all it's cabinet positions. Of course, I'll cut Obama some slack. It must be nearly impossible to find that many *honest* Democrats. Apparently in his administration--much like Leona Helmsley's hotel empire--taxes are only for the "little people."

Last, but far from least, little Davey rolls out the race card. What's a racist? Glad you asked. It's someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. You see, rather than actually talk facts and argue, they have to trot out their favorite little code words. Disagree with a compassionate, tolerant liberal? You FASCIST! Think government is way too big, spends too much and infringes on your liberty? You RACIST! Do you believe that men and women actually *are* different, that "gender" is not a social construct? You SEXIST! Think Perez Hilton is an insufferable little prig and should shut up about Miss California's response to his question about gay marriage? You HOMOPHOBE! See how easy it is to be a liberal?

Final parting shot: The principle feature of American liberalism is sanctimoniousness. By loudly denouncing all bad things - war and hunger and date rape - liberals testify to their own terrific goodness. More important, they promote themselves to membership in a self-selecting elite of those who care deeply about such things.... It's a kind of natural aristocracy, and the wonderful thing about this aristocracy is that you don't have to be brave, smart, strong or even lucky to join it, you just have to be liberal. (Wish I could take credit for it, but it's a quote from P.J. O'Rourke.)

Cheers, Dave. Better luck next time.

Richard Easbey
Ketchikan, AK


Received April 22, 2009 - Published April 23, 2009


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