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By David G. Hanger


April 21, 2009

This "tea bagging" nonsense is a classic example of that old adage, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is Democrats believe what they read; Republicans just don't read. Believing what one reads has always exemplified stupidity; one must follow the footnote trail to determine the writer's ideology, method, and motivation, none of which has anything to do with belief. Not reading epitomizes and enhances ignorance, and ignorance is certainly the primary message broadcast by the "tea baggers."

Unless somehow you "tea baggers" refuse to acknowledge reality, your taxes are not being increased by this administration; they are in fact being decreased. The only tax increase currently forecast is for rich bastards, and that increase is trivial, up from a maximum of 36% to a maximum of 39.6%, and it is a marginal rate that only applies to the one percent of this country who now owns most of our collective wealth. During the Reagan administration that maximum tax rate was 50%.

So what is your complaint? You in fact do not have one, at least respective this subject. Are you, therefore, shilling for a bunch of rich, reactionary, racist with whom you have no real common interest, and, if so, why? Working against your own true interests is irrational.

Objecting to how this bailout is being conducted and who is benefiting is an obvious and legitimate political concern, as is the effect on future generations via deficits; but if you are not prepared to address the fact that the real argument at present is whether or not the right economic models are being used correctly, go home and shut up.

The foundational economic model currently in operation is Keynesian, but superimposed upon that basic model are a series of other economic theories that in effect presuppose certain emotional responses by all of us. Many think those theories are too optimistic and what is called the Levy-Kalecki formula of economic behavior is a more accurate predictor. Start reading. When you have some idea what the economic models are attempting to accomplish (and to predict), then you will have some idea of the differences between the ideas of Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers, and those of Paul Krugman and others; and why those differences matter.

One gets the impression ultimately that the "tea baggers" are just lashing out at the fact that a black man is President of the United States, and that, of course, is racist. Reactionary, right-wing white bread blathering about secession and bringing guns to a political demonstration; what class! Curious to know, how many of your neighbors do you plan to kill? A cautionary note in that regard: With rare exception, those who start revolutions are consumed by them.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 21, 2009 - Published April 21, 2009


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