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RE: A new America
By Ty Rettke


April 23, 2007

Please understand before I start, that I do agree there are some big and looming problems that exist with the current status quo. However, an arguably larger problem can be seen in the lack of forethought or knowledge about a subject. I am using this letter written by Mike Isaac as an example, but in no way, shape or form mean any disrespect for you, Mike. My reason for writing is simply to inform as to some reasons that the points you made are not necessarily the best answer. I do however, as a general rule, agree with what you have said in the letter, as to the ends, at least. I think the means might be not the best way to go about it though. Please again, (Before a firestorm of support or dissent erupts again ((I NEVER SAID "THERE'S NOTHING TO DO!!")) I mean no disrespect, as I find myself agreeing to the idea behind your letter.

Now that we have that out of the way, on the nitty gritty.

*** "1. Get our troops out of that Middle Eastern meat grinder and put them on our borders. Deport everyone that is illegal." ***

-This statement, I do agree with. I think we have no business being over there, especially considering we helped put some of the "Bad" guys in power originally. We have historically made poor decisions and should stop trying to run that section of the earth. How ever, since we are there already, we have to leave in such a way as to not cause more harm than would be cause if we were to stay (Hard to imagine I know, but you'd be surprised.) Also, Deporting Illegal aliens is good. If they are not willing to go through the legal means of becoming a citizen, or filing for green cards, then they should not be here.-

*** 2. Train our National Guard to go after business owners who hire illegals, send these owners to prison, seize and sell these businesses. ***

-Again, agree. That s what the National Guard is for, Guarding the Nation! (Go figure, eh?) As for sending businesses that hire illegals, same thing. IF it can be proven that they are illegal, and they were hired anyway, then someone has broken the law and should be punished.-

*** 3. Cut up all the green cards and send these people home unless they are in the military; we have 300,000,000 people in this country that is more than enough. ***

-Now for the first dissenting comments. Green cards are issued for a number of reasons. Students attending college here often stay and become productive members of society here. The arts, sciences, and other areas of society often are increased by outside influence. See Gavin Piercy's letter on that subject (Though, beware, I think it might have a bit of a sarcastic slant). Also, there are no people that are not immigrants to this country. Even the Native Americans walked over on a land bridge (according to currently accepted scientific theory, not to offend anyone's creation story). So let s not be overly selfish. Or Shellfish for that matter, but I digress.-

*** 4. Drill for oil and natural gas everywhere and build nuclear plants to generate electricity and buy no oil from the Middle East. ***

-I agree that we need to use our resources! (Obviously responsibly, no one wants to cut the entire rain forest down or dig up Deer Mountain for the 16 ounces of gold buried inside (besides the cave trolls live there!) Drill for oil, natural gas; explore the ocean for the same, etc. Also build power plants, nuclear, hydro, etc. Great ideas that should be done anyway. However, even if we pulled every drop of oil in this country and tapped every natural gas field, we could not produce enough to cover our use. We are bound by our current level of usury. We have to have other sources of oil, unless you can think of a way to get the bulk of the country to stop driving, and to stop using electricity. (Yes, the bulk of oil and natural gas goes to making electricity, not move cars.) Using nuke and hydro power is a good start, but because of Environmental controls, most states can not build either. I am against this particular little bit of wisdom, as it seems to me it's always some!
one from California or New York (sorry Joe! Betsy!)~~I wrote this thinking you were from AK, Mike, just an example! ~~ telling us in Alaska, "You can't cut down that tree, or build that dam, or drill for oil!" from their air conditioned, wooden framed house, who then complain about the rolling blackouts or high price of power. A bit counter productive if you ask me. SO again, I agree with you, but it s not currently possible because we rely on oil too much and cannot produce enough to meet demand. SO we have to rely on Middle East oil. -

*** 5. Allow no one to enter the US for work until we have an unemployment rate of less than 1%, there is no reason why we should issue any work visas while we have 15,000,000 Americans unemployed or homeless. There is no such a thing as a job that Americans won't do if you pay them a fair wage. ***

- This is simply not true. There are plenty of people on welfare who will attest to this fact. If you were, however, to pay a "fair wage" to do this work, what would then happen? If a worker now (illegal) is being paid by the bushel to pick strawberries, at a few cents a pound lets say, and suddenly the farmers are forced to pay someone an hourly wage, even min. wage of 7 or 8 $/hr, guess what happens? Strawberries cost 50 bucks a pound. It is a thing that people understand when they stop and think, but will often, out of emotional reflex, spout off: "Higher wages!" While at the same time they are saying "Lower prices!" We all get angry when we hear about Nike, or Wal-Mart, or other places paying people in china/Asia etc a few cents a day to make our socks and sneakers, but at the same time we are the ones who make that the way it has to be. You can t pay someone 14 bucks an hour to make socks and still have socks for 4 dollars for a dozen pair. Simple math will show!
this to be true. High wages and low prices can not be inclusive of each other.-

*** 6. Abolish NAFTA and cut imported goods by at least 95%, if BMW and Subaru want to sell cars here then they should build them here. China is killing our economy and they are planning to ship their goods into Veracruz MX and Prince Rupert BC then truck or rail it the rest of the way here so they won't have to pay US wages to unload their ships. ***

-I agree with this for the most part. Trade agreements that are so strong as to make it so difficult for American companies to produce something here as opposed to outsourcing should be voided simply for the General Well fair clause of the US constitution. Also, something needs to be done about the importation problem of avoiding our ports, as that will result in many lost jobs and wages. We must be careful however, as we do want such luxury items as BMW's and what not, and should not expect other countries to outlay themselves and put themselves in such a situation. Fair and equal importing and exporting is what is needed. We will send you grain and corn, if you will send us BMWs and Cheap plastic bottles. The problem, and where misinformation and not seeing the whole picture comes in is this: Not many people realize, but China is one of the largest loaners in the world. All these years of us buying those cheap sunglasses and what not every year have resulted in some !
ridiculously, and dangerously wealthy Chinese banks, who are more than willing to lend us money, both as a country (The US Debt is largely owed to China) and as companies. Chinese businessmen have invested nearly 1/2 a trillion dollars in the US at the moment, and the number is growing everyday. So, there are some (a lot of) political issues that would have to be carefully maneuvered around, which is a problem in solving any problem because it never really gets the problem solved! We have dug for so long that we can't even see the sky anymore, let alone a way out. -

*** 7. Get US out of the UN, send all those dictators home and turn the UN building into housing for VETS that are from that area. ***

-Here here. And after we do exit the UN, start charging a fair market rate for rent on all the world wide facilities we have built them. IF they refuse to pay it, evict them and rent it out to someone who will pay it.-

*** 8. Stop fighting other countries battles, this idea that we have "fight them" in Iraq so we won't have to fight in the US is foolish, if you have secure borders and tough immigration laws 9-11 and Virginia Tech may not of even happened in the first place. ***

-Again, common sense. Thank you. I don't think that you will ever fully secure a country, as those who would do harm will always find a means to do it, but the bit about the US retiring as the world police force is right on the money. However, the money is why we are. We are, say what you will, protecting the vested interests of our wealthy in other countries. Oil fields, and the status quo.-

Many of these points could be fixed if someone would require part of being a US congress person, or any state/local/federal agent or employee to be required to read the constitution, its first 10 amendments, and be tested on it, along with drug tests, at random.

"What rights are guaranteed by the 5th amendment? Please don't spill any on the sides of the cup."

Thanks for playing along. Again, I agree with your views Mike, I really just wanted to go into more depth with a few, and bash on our mentality as a country a bit.

Ty Rettke
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 23, 2007 - Published April 23, 2007

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