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A new America
By Mike Isaac


April 21, 2007

America was attacked on April 16 2007 in Blacksburg Virginia by a Korean Green cardholder who was a stocker and mental case. The 9-11 attackers also had Green cards and killed over 3000 Americans in Manhattan New York. And many US citizens are killed by illegal aliens drunk drivers and gang bangers on a daily bases. Dose anyone see a pattern yet? Even today after that blood bath in Virginia Tech Bush was trying to pawn his stupid amnesty plan for 13,000,000 illegals. This plan of his gave us Nancy Pelosi and the Dems control of the House and Senate. I think it is time for our leaders in Washington to fix our problems first and cut off all monetary foreign aid. Here is a to do list.

1. Get our troops out of that Middle Eastern meat grinder and put them on our borders. Deport everyone that is illegal.

2. Train our National Guard to go after business owners who hire illegals, send these owners to prison, seize and sell these business.

3. Cut up all the green cards and send these people home unless they are in the military, we have 300,000,000 people in this country that is more than enough.

4. Drill for oil and natural gas everywhere and build nuclear plants to generate electricity and buy no oil from the Middle East.

5. Allow no one to enter the US for work until we have a unemployment rate of less than 1%, there is no reason why we should issue any work visas while we have 15,000,000 Americans unemployed or homeless. There is no such a thing as a job that Americans won't do if you pay them a fair wage.

6. Abolish NAFTA and cut imported goods by at least 95%, if BMW and Subaru want to sell cars here then they should build them here. China is killing our economy and they are planing to ship their goods into Veracruz MX and Prince Rupert BC then truck or rail it the rest of the way here so they won't have to pay US wages to unload their ships.

7. Get US out of the UN, send all those dictators home and turn the UN building into housing for VETS that are from that area.

8. Stop fighting other countries battles, this idea that we have "fight them" in Iraq so we won't have to fight in the US is foolish, if you have secure borders and tough immigration laws 9-11 and Virginia Tech may not of even happened in the first place.

Mike Isaac
Big Bear Lake, CA

Received April 19, 2007 - Published April 21, 2007

About: " Former Ketchikan resident 1993- 2003"




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