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Response to Virgina Tech Shootings
By Sara Schroeder


April 23, 2007

I disagree with both Mr. Bell and Mr. Piercy, and have to say that they both might need a history lesson. Though more recent national violence has been by a foreigner(s), history has shown us that even a White American can have violent tendencies. Take the Oklahoma City bombing, the Colombine shooting, the NASA shooting, Nickel Mines in PA, and countless other school shootings for example. And just where do we Americans think we came from? We were all pretty much born on American soil, but what about our ancestors? We as a human race all come from the same place, and yes we may be foreigners and immigrants when we venture out of our home county, but are we really? On top of that South Korea held a vigil to honor those who died in the shooting, and to apologize to the families, and Seung-Hui Cho's family has apologized too. What I am trying to say, is that anyone can go and buy a gun and shoot people -- anyone, white, black, yellow, and red. The only thing that I see in common with the majority of these acts is that they are Male.

Sara Schroeder
Anchorage, AK

And by the way Bill Gates is an American.
And so is Frank Lloyd Wright
And Thomas Edison
Ohh and Henry Ford

Received April 23, 2007 - Published April 23, 2007

About: "A disagreeing student, and resident of a diverse Ketchikan, and a diverse Alaska."


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