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Virginia Tech Massacre
By Gavin Piercy


April 21, 2007

Mr. Bell has hit on a great idea. Just restricting the rights of immigrants and non-natural-born citizens isn't enough. As he said, non-natural born citizens shouldn't be allowed in. America would be much better off without the countless immigrants that have slowed the advancement of the arts, sciences and humanities of our loving country. Just to prove my point I have included a list of some of the more notorious evil immigrants along with their notable detraction from our society:

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Austrian-born actor, bodybuilder and Governor of California.

Jerry Yang - Taiwanese-born Co-Founder of Yahoo.

Andrew Grove - Hungarian-born Founder of Intel Corp

Andrew Carnegie - Scottish-born Business/Industry Mogul who later sold his business and donated his fortune to cultural, educational and scientific institutions.

Hyman Rickover - Russian-born Inventory, Father of the American Nuclear Navy and inventor of the Nuclear Submarine.

Kahil Gibran - Lebanese-born Author. The best selling poet of the 20th century after Shakespeare and Loa Tze. During the 20th Century his book The Prophet was America's second best selling book, beaten only by The Bible.

Albert Einstein - German-born Scientist. Greatest physicist of the twentieth century.

John Muir - Scottish-born Naturalist. Remembered as the Father of Our National Park System.

Joseph Pulitzer - Hungarian-born Publisher. Founder of the Pulitzer prize for journalistic excellence.

Irving Berlin - Russian-born Author/Playwright/Song Writer. Wrote There s No Business Like Show Business, Annie Get Your Gun, "White Christmas, Easter Parade and God Bless America."

Alfred Nobel - Swedish-born Chemist, engineer, innovator, armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite. Founded the Nobel Prizes for physical science, chemistry, medical science, literary work, and peace.

As you can clearly see America would be much better off without such godless souls in our midsts. As such I urge everyone to write their congressmen in an attempt to put this great idea into action.

Gavin Piercy
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 19, 2007 - Published April 21, 2007

About: "A life-long Ketchikan resident who loves satire and hates senseless discrimination."


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