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Who Paid For The Gravina Road Poll?
By Jerilyn Lester


April 23, 2007

It seems that the asking for disclosure is a blanket approval of what is going on with the Gravina Road. I for one would like to see a road on Gravina so that those who, or who may in the future, live on the island be able to get to the airport ferry to get to town if they do not want to take their personal boat. I would also like to visit the island and since I don't have a boat, a road is the only way for me to do that.

But far from that is the fact that I have neither been out of town nor am I in a conservation group, I was not asked my opinion - nor will I be. The letter that Mr. Ellis wrote was asking for public disclosure of the costs and who paid for the survey. Nowhere in the article by Mr. Ellis did I see the words "Product is our most important Progress." Nor did I see where he put in whether or not he approved of the project.

Also the fact that the survey is one sided, your opinion seems to be also. If disclosing who paid for the survey is a problem or a secret maybe they shouldn't publish it on SitNews.

Ask yourself if you would want to know who paid for a survey that said that if you left the state for more than 30 days you couldn't come back even if you own property. Would you want to know who paid for that? Do you want to know who pays for the political studies that are published?

So Charlotte Tanner why is asking for the patrons of the study or survey such a crime?

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 23, 2007 - Published April 23, 2007

About: "Resident of Ketchikan for over 23 years"


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