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By Charlotte Tanner


April 21, 2007

I, too, would enjoy an appropriate explanation.

Just as Mr. Ellis says "Perhaps an appropriate explanation could be forthcoming in terms of the background as to this effort to destroy economic benefits for Ketchikan and Southern Southeastern."

Only I would like to have him clarify how a road crossing Gravina ,a road that is destroying the larder of many people, and is and will be, virtually inaccessible to most people of Alaska, is in any way, shape, or form, an economic benefit for Ketchikan, or any other Alaskan town whether they are in Southeast or not?

Mr. Ellis appears to believe that the mere fact gravel is poured over muskeg, and trees are cut down, magically the overall economy of the town of Ketchikan will prosper. I guess his slogan is Product is our most important Progress.

Charlotte Tanner
Louisville, KY

Received April 20, 2007 - Published April 21, 2007

About: "Resident of Ketchikan, serving in Americorps for a year"


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