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By Pete Ellis


April 14, 2007

So we now know that the Hays Research Group does exist and that the conduct of a poll was requested and the results of the same have been disclosed. We are not told by Gregory Vickrey who paid for the poll and what it cost nor whether other polls have been requested or are contemplated.

Perhaps an appropriate explanation could be forthcoming in terms of the background as to this effort to destroy economic benefits for Ketchikan and Southern Southeastern. I am amazed at the extent of negative efforts by some of our local populace to create bad images and inappropriate positions to the detriment of our local community and it's needs.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 13, 2007 - Published April 14, 2007



New Poll Shows Alaskans Oppose Ketchikan's Gravina Highway Say Conservation Groups - Conservation groups say a new poll released this week shows opposition to Ketchikan's Gravina Access Highway, a project which will cost $25.7 million for 3.2 miles of road according to the Alaska Department of Transportation leading to a bridge that currently has no assured funding. - More...
Thursday - April 12, 2007


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