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By Rick Krueger


April 21, 2007

Dear Editor,

Don't know if what Mr. Johnson's letter said is the truth, but I would be very concerned if I were a "thinking" person living in Ketchikan. If it is true, it sounds to me as if these people are morally bankrupt and lacking in integrity.

Shameful....!!!! If you believe Ann Coulter: "You have to be mentally unhinged to think like some of these hardcore liberals".

My dear Mother once told me: "If you have to stop before you do something and think 'is this wrong?', chances are it is wrong so do NOT do it."

Rick Krueger
Sitka, AK

Received April 20, 2007 - Published April 21, 2007

About: "Rick Krueger, former Ketchikan resedent now living in the Democratic People's Republic of Sitka."


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