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Honesty and character
By Al Johnson


April 16, 2007


Over time, suitable and appropriate quotes come our way addressing or describing a common or current situation. Today one such quote did arrive.

Our recent community dust up regarding the termination by this inept Ketchikan school board of an academic driven Superintendent, qualified by his peers, as the premier Superintendent of that current year, for "Convenience" makes a perfect setting for the quote.

With public awareness of Board Member Joel Jackson's failure to pay recreation fees for a six month admitted period of time, a potential felon account by any accounting method, save perhaps Ms. Schaffer's, surely sets the standard for our children to ponder the worth of honesty.

Board Member Schaffer "demonstrated" a penchant for criminal intent by suggesting that the student count be increased beyond the number used by historical count. Resulting, if Mr. Martin had agreed, in false fiscal information, a criminal action by any count. A wink and a nod surely sets the standard for our children to ponder the worth of honesty.

Board President Lieben acknowledged on his website (Read the entire posting for context) that his online "Friends" included six bikini models/porn ladies, removed by Mr. Lieben over public concern of them being there, would cause concern and public outcry as a result of his vote to terminate the superintendent. Surely "friends" like this sets the standard for character.

Board Member Eakes admitted inept action to make public, potential Principal candidates personal files public, against all regulations regarding confidentiality. That and her public comments that in the short 5 months on the board, she could not get along with Mr. Martin. This from the head of the quasi- public agency PATCHWorks an organization charged with collaboration and consent among community members. Surely this example sets the standard for doing what an adult says, but not what an adult does (Character?)

Reviewing these observations with despair, hearing no outcry from the community leaves the quote by Robert Browning most appropriate. "See the rogues flourish, and honest folks droop." ... Robert Browning


Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 14, 2007 - Published April 16, 2007

About: "An elder who has and is, living a good, honorable life. As I become older and think back, I am enjoying it a second time."




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