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Ketchikan Garbage
By Sonia Streitmatter


April 16, 2007

In regards to Jerry Cegelske's recent letter concerning garbage being dumped, I thing it is ridiculous that people dump garbage. My husband and I just got rid of a very heavy boiler that we removed from our house and guess what? ... it only cost $12.50 to dispose of it at the landfill! The hardest part was getting it into the truck to get it up there. If you can load it into your vehicle, it doesn't take much to dump it properly. This boiler probably weighed about 300 pounds so you can't tell me that it would cost any more than that to dump a dishwasher.

Sonia Streitmatter
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 15, 2007 - Published April 16, 2007

About: "Ketchikan resident for 8 1/2 years."


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