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A Bridge to Somewhere
By John Maki


April 10, 2007
Tueday PM

I agree with Forrest Mackey, but the "bridge" has already gone somewhere. It was the finest and most publicized example of pork barrel politics coming out of a republican controlled congress in years and it helped turn that body to democratic control. Regardless of the tradition of others "feeding at the trough", where are the elected politicians willing to accept reality and do the responsible thing?

The reality is that to build an actual bridge, the United States would simply borrow the money and pass on its cost to future generations. Who will loan the money? We have a huge trade deficit and the money we export just to Japan and China to buy goods is then loaned back to us. Japan holds $627,000,000,000 and Communist China has $400,000,000,000 in United States Treasury bonds. At the current 1 month interest rate of 5.14 %, borrowing this money from just these two countries costs us $100,433 in interest per minute, with nothing applied to the principal.

Before we elect and send people to congress, maybe they should have to demonstrate their ability to balance their own checkbook.

John Maki
Bailey, CO

Received April 09, 2007 - Published April 10, 2007

About: "Former resident of Ketchikan, now home in sunny Colorado."


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