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Bridge to Somewhere!!
By Forrest A. Mackie


April 08, 2007

Oh Ye of Little Faith, They called the San Francisco bridge the "Bridge to Nowhere" also as they also had naysayers then too. Every one agrees that this bridge was worth while. Ketchikan will be nowhere if the so called Environmentalists have their way. When I first came to Alaska the pulp mill had just started operation and it was the biggest employer in the state of Alaska for probably 25 years. This was the prosperous times for the bars and most businesses in this community. I suspect that most of the naysayers are short sighted and don't want Ketchikan to grow. Well I want the bridge or maybe even bring the airport to this island if that will work, but I want us to keep this project going and I think naming it for "Ralph Bartolomew" would really be appropriate. I didn't plan it this way but now I am a "oldtimer" here and am proud to say my piece when I think something needs to be said.

Forrest A. Mackie
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 08, 2007 - Published April 08, 2007



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