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By Alaire Stanton


April 08, 2007

There are several factual errors in the recent letter from Mr. Bill Thomas. I will take the time to point out only one. The KGBSD has has several fine Supts. in the past who have had Doctorate degrees and many years of experience. Mr. Martin is not that unique.

I'm not certain how Mr. Thomas can expect a local citizen to gain experience on an elected body without running for election. If we continue to mistreat the ones we have elected - with threats of recall and no appreciation of the time they spend away from their families and the time they dedicate to the issues, then no one in their right mind will choose to run.

Alaire Stanton
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 06, 2007 - Published April 08, 2007

About: "Long time resident, long time elected official."


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