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Proud of Superintendent Martin's Performance
By Bill Thomas Sr.


April 05, 2007
Thursday PM

Dear Sitnews:

With respect to those that have expressed their feelings on whether to support or not support the actions of the school board's decision to replace Mr. Martin as Superintendent of the Ketchikan School District, I would like to remind those that took action to remove Mr. Martin and those that supported the move, really didn't have credentials, organizational skills or background credentials to support their successful candidacy for election.

This is the product of those that chose not to step forward that had credentials and experience to do a better job by being equipped with the necessary experience in exercising proper protocols and procedures as a result of understanding the manuals of operations and the intent of position descriptions. My feeling is that they declined this opportunity to serve for their own reasons. Or it is possible that we don't have people with the time, credential or the will to serve. I can only speculate as to reasons why.

Our ballots are progressively riddled with inexperienced candidates. They come with an agenda and no experience in the responsibility for the position they seek. And regrettably, I don't see it improving in my lifetime. Unfortunately it is a global trend. So we're not unique.

I appreciate and respect anyone that steps forward to fill these seats. How does one make up for ignorance on proper protocols and procedures and for not having a grasp for the importance and responsibility of the content of position descriptions, and most importantly, the mission statement? Of course the mission statement did not exist prior to Mr. Martin becoming superintendent.

Mr. Martin came with more credentials than any previous manager before him. His ethics reflect disciplined and his decisions justified and supported existing language in the school operational and personnel manuals that is a tool for running the school district. I have many years of serving in government and educational employment During my pre-retirement years, I involved myself in many areas of community service in advisory capacities. I still continue to do so on a volunteer basis. I have been working with and for the welfare and benefit of our youth. I've learned protocols and proper procedures from the best and I remain committed to following those disciplines.

Mr. Martin came with more credentials than any predecessor and will leave with even more credentials. He has no reason to lower his head as a sign of failure. But rather hold his head high for realizing that the school board does not have the foggiest idea of what magician they want to replace him. I too have followed his performance since he's been here. He is a victim of rubbing feathers in the wrong direction on people with sensitive skin.

This is not a confrontation with other opinions. I'm merely representing my views. I have the experience in my resume to support my position. To those that challenge the remarks, let's compare time involved, experience derived and accomplishments.

I am proud to be one of the members of this community that is in support of Mr. Martin's performance, credentials and the choices he made. Almost all of his choices were challenged by the school board with no alternatives offered. Much of this was a measure of protection and job security for a well choreographed instructional staff. In the backwash of this conduct, they remained successful in recruiting students to add to the emotions in a dispute to prevail in any of their disagreements with leadership - of whom many are my friends. I continue to say this.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 05, 2007 - Published April 05, 2007



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