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By Jaime Zink


April 04, 2007
Wednesday PM

After all the "pulicity" that Ketchikan Underground has received in the last few days I decided I should check it out (for the first time). Here is what I found.

"Yes I know that it's finally over; the walrus is gone." -Xenophoenix

"Once upon a time in a small village far far away lived a town of peaceful (or drunk) people, one day one member of a council that ran part of this village thought it would be a good idea to let a personal friend of his, a walrus, run part of the town and act as a mediator...The walrus was elected and was sworn in, in his first day he made a screw up and denyed it saying it never happened. That was the walraus's weakness. Pride (and maybe stupidity), this pride caused him to make one rash descicion after another causing harm and grief to the small happy town, when the weather conditions were severe his pride would kick in and would not protect the town unless blood was already shed in some form, after he denys all claims that it is his fault and carries along with his buddies.

When his friend that got him into power in the first place were about to go away they did a dirty move that allowed him to stay unless the town sacrificed something. Now that is about to happen and once again his pride swelled. Allowing for dangerous and very bad things to happen.

So in truth mr. mar...i mean erhh mr. walraus bite me and swallow your pride (hey a pun!)" - The Crimson Nutcase

"So if you don't want these right wing ignorant adults to come and make fools out of the school board: You, the student should come and show that YOU, the one that ultimately is being affected by their decision in the end, support their decision." -dexingsmotpoker

Your sooo right "Catalyst" this is far more mature than any adult I have ever met!

Jaime Zink
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 04, 2007 - Published April 04, 2007

About: "I'm a senior at Ketchikan High School and a right wing supporter of Harry Martin who disagrees with 99% of the disrespectful liberals on Ketchikan Underground."


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