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By Rowan Henderson


April 2, 2007

This is in reference to Diana Chadhary's opinion...

Dave Lieben had every right to post his opinions on my website,, and to express himself to the teenagers AND adults of Ketchikan. The way Diana Chadhary mentioned the whole thing basically put it in terms that "teenagers are stupid" or "teenager's can't have their own opinion."

Obviously Dave Lieben has been shut up for a long time and hasn't been allowed to tell people his view point on things for a long time, which is basically what I get from how long his article was.

Let me just clear things up. On Ketchikan Underground I have seen articles, opinions, debates, viewpoints, and actions far more mature than any adult I have ever met.

Diana states, "I believe that parents should know what is being said to their children on this website and should form their own opinions as to the motives of the School Board President in posting the article below on a website run by our teens."

Ok so, Diana believes that parents shouldn't let their kids know the truth. Parent's shouldn't let their teenagers hear the true points of topics, true reasons for things being done. Basically, we should continue to be lied to by our parents and by the elders. THIS is why Ketchikan Underground is up. For us to talk about the truth, and express ourselves freely in ways we aren't allowed to in places such as school and obviously under the watchful eyes of adults. This is why the website was created, and no parents are going to tell their kids what they can and cannot read. I'm sorry Diana, but this is not 1950 when there was no Internet or quick access to news and opinions. Ketchikan Underground is run by teens, but not only for teens. We have many very active and helpful adults on the website, including our very own teachers post their opinions. Aren't they adults too? Should we not listen to our teachers because they'll be expressing themselves in ways that maybe teenagers shouldn't hear?

Well, what can I do to say anything, I'm a teenager, and I'm not allowed to hear the truth, but that will not stop me or the website from continuing what it does. If anything, you just gave Ketchikan Underground free advertising, so thank you for that.

Rowan Henderson a.k.a Catalyst
Ketchikan, AK

Received April 02, 2007 - Published April 02, 2007

About: "I am the owner of Ketchikan Underground ( I've liven in Ketchikan all my life, blah blah blah."


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