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RE: Drugs-Freedom
By Tori Jackson


April 09, 2006
Sunday PM

I would like to compliment Catlin Rettke on her writing skills for the above referenced letter. I have seen letters from adults that were not written half as well as the letter she wrote. Her comment, however, that "A man using drugs violates neither moral obligations, nor hurts someone else," shows me that she has little to no experience in the matter.

Several years ago I had a friend who had a husband that was a little man that could only make himself feel "big" by abusing drugs and alcohol. He beat and abused her, and later their children when he was high. One day when she had gone to the store and left him home with the children he got drunk and passed out, leaving their two-year old unattended. The two-year old fell out of their apartment window and landed on his head in the cement driveway below. He has been paralyzed and severely brain damaged ever since. Would you call this not hurting someone else?

Another friend lost her mother when she was in JR. High because her Uncle got drunk and pulled out a gun. When her mother tried to take it away from him it went off and she was shot and killed. Yet another had a step father that liked to rape and beat her up when he was high. She ended up giving birth to his child when she was 13 years old. Her child is about a year younger than the child her mother had with this man, so she and her daughter share a half brother. I would call this both a violation of morals and hurting someone else.

As for freedom in this country, I'm afraid we are not as "free" as you seem to think. We may have more freedoms than some countries, but we are no more completely "free" to do what we want than any other. Laws are passed in this country all the time that take away our freedoms. Perhaps we should worry about maintaining the freedoms that we already have and not about the "freedom" to use drugs. Trust me, Catlin, there is no freedom in substance abuse.

Tori Jackson
Port Angeles, WA - USA

About: Tori Jackson was a Ketchikan resident from 1964 to 1989.


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