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By Catlin Rettke


April 06, 2006

Over the last few years I have seen many advocates of both prohibition and legalization. What they all have in common is that they all use a very strict logic and call upon various studies to try and prove why either view is better.

I feel that while in our day in age this is the standard way of doing things, they all seem to make the most important point seem small and incidental.

This point is America is founded on freedom.

Prohibitionist's say that Drugs cause a degradation in the fabric of societies morals. They say this increases crime and causes millions in damages to our people.

Pro-legalization parties will say that the laws are allowing the crime to not only escalate, but giving criminals a huge source of income that is untaxed and thus untraceable.

While both of these are true, they are unimportant for legislation in the sense that either way we will have problems.
I may even venture to say that they are simply incidental themselves.

What is important, is the idea that we as American's are charged with freedom and the responsibilities that come along with it.

Prohibition is a strike at the very heart of what makes America great.

There is no point in allowing only freedoms that everyone will applaud. The whole point behind freedom is that I will not be persecuted for things I choose to do or to say. So long as they don't directly infringe on someone else's right to freedom.

A man using drugs violates neither moral obligations, nor hurts someone else.

I expect the next argument against this would be for people in a position where they are responsible for someone else. Such as parents.

This is a real problem, but not one any legislation will solve.

I ask you, do you value your freedom over safety or safety over freedom?

As Benjamin Franklin said-
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."


Catlin Rettke
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Catlin Rettke is a 19 year old resident of Ketchikan.


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