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Alternate energy source needed
By Karl Themann


April 02, 2006

I agree with what you wrote. I think we should find a new energy source. Our future is getting weak. Our youth are brain-dead, they are all drugged up and alcoholics. How are we going to progress with that? The answer is we can't.

When you look at any high school, a big percentage of the kids are druggies. There are only a few kids I know that think like me, and are against drugs. I am trying to get people to stop but everybody is simple minded. They say one beer won't hurt you, look at that kid, he smokes weed.

When I look at the kids that used to play sports, the reason they quit was because the drugs made them useless and lazy. There are simple steps that we need to take to progress. It might sound harsh, but just think, druggies kill to get their drugs, so maybe we should put them in their place for our future. I have many other opinions but I got to be careful what I say, because I was told its freedom of speech to a certain extent.

Karl Themann
Medford, NY - USA

About: My name is Karl and I have a strong outlook on the future and how we should make our society, I really think we should start with basic things and find a way to get an alternate energy source.


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