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By Peter Stanton


March 23, 2006

Sometimes it amazes me how many problems this country has. We shall always be one of the freest and blended countries on Earth, but, having the rights that we have, our country is becoming more and more backward in this modern world.

This country needs to stop using oil as fuel. That's it. Geopolitics demands that we find alternate sources of fuel; one day, a country like Venezuela with a leader at odds (to put it lightly) with our leader might suddenly slash all of its oil exports to us. Saudi Arabia (an official ally of the administration but a country with even more faults) wields huge control over us through the black gold they supply. Our government has decided to ease these problems by extracting more oil from within the country and importing more from 'friendlier' countries, or even invading sources of oil (cough cough).

This is not the answer. Drilling in ANWR won't solve anything. Using oil at all is not the answer. WE NEED TO BEGIN USING ALTERNATE ENERGY SOURCES. NOW!

What about that huge debt? I don t even keep track of it- what, how many trillions of dollars is it? If we are to be spending money without earning any back, why can t we buy into developing wind, water, and solar energy? I can think of so many projects: fields of windmills on the plains or out on the wind-swept sea, good, environmental dams across the Mississippi, Missouri, and the Yukon even, and solar panels on every rooftop in every city in this rich, lazy country!

If I could, I would shut down all the intake of oil in this country right now, to see what happens. Why do you have to drive a car?! Walking is a pleasure and would help another problem this country has (you know). The Ketchikan Rail System doesn't sound so bad either.

I know there are a million problems with outright destroying our dependency on oil, but there are a million benefits as well. And besides, why do we have 300 million well-educated people here anyway but to solve today's problems?

Peter Stanton
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Peter Stanton is a high school student.



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