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Snapper's Mural
by Pam Wedekind


April 28, 2005

What a wonderful article on my cousin, "Snapper". I check out Sitnews almost daily to keep track of what is happening in the city where so many of my loved ones live. We've been fortunate enought to have Snapper's artwork around our homes for many years and have always appreciated his talents.

This mural is particularly interesting with all of the "imaginary" places and things. Can't wait to get back up there and visit the bar to experience the mural in person.

Thanks for the treat.

Pam Wedekind (UNK'S daughter)
Walport, OR - USA

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photosKetchikan: Decades Old Mural Repainted by Original Artist By Louise Brinck Harrington - A big bash will be held soon at the Arctic Bar to celebrate completion of a mural by Lawrence "Snapper" Carson. Actually, this isn't the first time Snapper completed the mural... it was completed once before back in 1969. - More and photo gallery by Terry Richardson & John Harrington...
Thursday - April 28, 2005



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