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DON'T write!
by Karen S. Hollywood


April 12, 2005

Did you people not hear me? I said, DON'T write!

Dear Dave, please stay in Toronto, because, while my children are all boys, I am not thrilled with the idea of them seeing you walking around naked either.

And you over in Tennessee; I have 5 boys, and also 2 hands! I was actually able to keep that light weight little cloth diaper or recieving blanket (WHATEVER) from smothering my poor helpless tiny babies while they ate. Well, actually, that's not true. My kids were never tiny. 3 of them were over 10 lbs each, and the twins were nearly 7 lbs each. Had I tried to cut off their air while feeding, or insinuated that I was sharing this beautuful experience with strangers, there's no telling what those boys would have done.

Finally, WE ALL KNOW how other countries view nudity. I hear women being as hairy as an ape is very attractive in Mexico, too, and not bathing in France is no big deal. THAT is why I live here, in ALASKA. so my poor COLD hairless little babies can be covered while I'm breastfeeding. (And by 'Babies', I do not mean the boys).

Now, can we all get back to discussing some seriously important issues?

Karen S. Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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