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Breastfeeding in public & body tolerance
by Dave Fleming


April 11, 2005

In areas close to the Baltic Sea in Europe and similar areas, whole family nudism on the beach and saunas is normal. Breast skin exposure during breast feeding causing fears and angst is just cultural in North America. When other cultures don't have this angst, it is plain that there is no real reason for North American angst, it's just imaginary.

Secondly, isn't sexual thoughts absolutely normal? Covering skin never stopped men and women from having sexual thoughts. Why stop these thoughts? Aren't all living things wired genetically to think about sex most of the time otherwise the human species and all animals would have died out long ago. We can't stop these thoughts, so why not consider them normal and move on?

Funny how some women assume men only think of sex when they see a woman. A breast feeding woman, exposed or not, makes me think of what a wonderful loving scene it is to see and the mother is a beautiful person, no matter what she looks like. I celebrate the European attitude by becoming a nudist/naturist myself and have found the practice of body tolerance truely wonderful.

No Cares,

Dave Fleming
Toronto, Ontario - Canada


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