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Capitalism or socialism?
by Ted Wright


April 07, 2005

So it's one or the other, huh, capitalism or socialism? And if we live in a capitalist society we are obliged to ignore our altruistic or humanitarian impulses, at least insofar as what we expect of OUR government, those elected citizens who represent US? Interesting...

So what of Mr. Bush's compassionate conservatism, or of his faith-based initiatives? What of the welfare state and of corporate welfare? does a rising tide lift all vessels? Will the bounty of the capitalist economy trickle down to the working poor who are its foundation?

I would submit that there is no ideal capitalism just as there is no ideal socialism. The capitalist democratic system that is America will lead for awhile longer before it is overtaken by China, the European Union and others. I and many others will continue to push our elected "leaders" to do for others what they cannot do for themselves, not because they are "idle," a euphemism for lazy, but because they are doing what they can within the system and it is not enough.

We're not going anywhere. We understand that it is our obligation to help others, despite the seeming irrationality of such actions within the context of a capitalist economy. Because we advocate as we do, because of our activism, some business owners won't be quite as wealthy, and some may not survive. But as a whole, our country is better off for our voice, for our willingness to go against the grain of an economic system that is good, but far from ideal.

Stay tuned...

Ted Wright
Seattle, WA - USA

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