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Land of opportunity not the land of entitlement
by Joseph Branco


April 06, 2005

Thanks to everyone for responding with such emotion to my view on minimum wage and American economics. I find the bulk of the responses to my suggestion to eliminate the minimum wage focus on helping the poor and that everyone is entitled to a living wage, regardless of the skills they have to offer - and that private businesses should be responsible for this entitlement. The founding fathers of our great nation could not envision a place in which idleness would be tolerated. The rugged individual is the fullfilment of the American dream. This nation is called the land of opportunity not the land of entitlement. Now these are certainly important points you bring up that deserve a voice, but I can't help but wonder why you are living in this country? I think a socialist system would fit your particular arguments and belief systems much more appropriately.

Here is an excerpt from a pro-socialist website briefly explaining the principles of socialism:

"In a socialist society the means of production are owned by the workers rather than by a rich minority of capitalists or functionaries. Such a system of ownership is both collective and individual in nature.

It is collective because society can control production unlike the economic anarchy of capitalism and because production is for the common good rather than for individual profit. At the same time it is individual because workers are no longer a 'collective' mob of alienated non-owners employed by a minority of owners. Work becomes a free and self-affirming activity for each worker and they receive the full fruits of their labor. The capitalists and their servants no longer control production nor grow rich from other's toil. Everybody is an owner."

OK - Now several nations operate with socialist governments under this economic angle. Why have you not sought to live in countries that clearly offer the sort of "Big-Daddy Government Economic Protection and Equality for All" that you so clearly desire? If you are unhappy with capitalism, by all means, try another country with the socialist principles you use as your arguments. Since I have tried to explain the pitfalls of the minimum wage in a free market economy to no avail, I will not even begin to try and explain the problems with a socialist economy. I will allow you the opportunity to discover that on your own. Besides, apparently I have no soul since I dare to think that business is not solely responsible for the livelihood of American families.

Once again everyone, I am officially bowing out semi-gracefully from this discussion on minimum wage because I feel like we are all talking about two very different economic systems.

Mr. Timmerman - anyone who has time to complain about someone complaining about McDonald's should heed his own advice.

You should have sent your complaint to MY website. It would have been much more efficient.

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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