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by Marie L Monyak


April 06, 2005

Hoorah! Great job! Yeah! Yipee! Hip Hip Hoorah! Keep It Up! YooHoo! Jerry Cegelske, this is your very own cheerleading squad! I'm sure we don't say thanks often enough for the "dirty" job you have and how well you do it. So glad you caught the boogers that dumped at mile 4.2 recently, I'm sure you must feel good when you catch someone and more importantly it spreads the word to other potential dumpers that they too can be caught and fined. You are doing a fine job.

I have to admit that although I'm saddened by what some people do, I am also entertained by your frequent viewpoint letters. I think it's that slight aura of a vigilante that you give off that I can appreciate. Jerry always gets his man (or woman) no matter how long it takes!

I was thinking, I'm finally moving back to Ketchikan the end of this month and I'm going into an unfurnished apartment. I won't have any furniture so anyone who wants to get rid of furniture, instead of dumping it along the road, email me and we can make arrangements. mlmx1(AT)

Again Jerry, keep up the great work!

Marie L Monyak
Fairbanks, AK - USA
Formerly Ketchikan and soon to be Ketchikan again


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