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Revilla Road
by Jerry Cegelske


April 5, 2005

I drove out to Revilla Road Monday to see what was new and I wasn't disappointed.  There was a new pile of junk deposited on the pull-out at mile 4.2.  Think if you were a tourist and viewing Ketchikan for the first time and this is what you saw on your bus tour!  I don't think you would soon forget it and it wouldn't be because it was the highlight of your trip.
We should have fun cleaning up Revilla Road on the 16th but we really don't need this kind of help to enjoy doing it. 
As a result of the dumping, a citation was issued, we have a "volunteer" who is going to help clean Revilla Road, and the material will be cleaned up Monday tonight.

Jerry Cegelske
Code enforcement - Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Ketchikan, AK - USA


jpg pile of junk



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