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RE: Trash disposal - a different approach
by M.L. Dahl


April 23, 2004

Well, Ketchikan, I really like Gigi Pilcher's suggestion to create the unique garbage cans she recommends, in bear, salmon and eagle designs. Ketchikan could distinguish itself as the artistic and creative town that it is, one which really cares about being clean and inviting as well. I recall from a prior opinion posted to this web site that there are no garbage cans along the bike path, however, so Glenn's offer of cans is terrific. Attractive cans painted up like animals can't help but encourage many people to drop it in the can instead onto the ground. It would be a very charming way to accomplish the goal, at least in part.

When I griped about bike path litter a few months back, I had no idea how many other people were as fed up with roadside litter and yard trash as I have been. I also was not aware of how many locals are so passionate about cleaning up the town. What a wonderful turn of events this is turning out to be!

As for those ignorant slobs who go to the trouble of hauling their trash out to the ends of the road, then shoot or burn it, I think some motion sensor cameras may be in order, as well as getting license numbers whenever you can and reporting them to the litter cops. Catch em, fine em, and take their money, then buy more cameras, more garbage cans and give a bonus to officer Cegelske for his great work. Thanks, Jerry!

Ketchikan is a great place to live and this entire discussion about cleaning up the litter is yet another proof of that fact.

M.L. Dahl
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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