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Trash disposal - a different approach
by Gigi Pilcher


April 22, 2004

I was sitting on the front step of SoHo Coho yesterday enjoying the weather and view when an unattractive garbage can caught my eye. I was thinking that it might be more interesting or inviting for children (of all ages) to put garbage into a unusual or unique container.

I began to imagine garbage cans shaped like black bears......(you'd insert the trash through its mouth)........a salmon.. halibut... a froggy..... maybe some ravens. Or, shaped like a boat, a tree, or even a fisherman. Perhaps a scenic painting of Deermountain or even a collage of Ketchikan photos.

Then I thought about how other Alaskan cities have interesting artistic competitions such as Anchorage's "Salmon On Parade". Ketchikan could have a garbage can design contest....... and the winning designs could be placed around the downtown area. Businesses could sponsor their favorite artist or design. In Anchorage, the I.B.E.W. was one of the main sponsor's of the "Salmon on Parade" so maybe we could get them interested in helping to beautify our area with creative designs for trash cans around the city.

Our summer visitors could be given a map of where the different cans are at (like with the Salmon on Parade). They could walk around to take photos of our innovative garbage cans - like so many people did last year in Anchorage of the various salmon displayed around downtown Anchorage.

Ketchikan has many creative people who could come up with some awesome trash can designs!

Gigi Pilcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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