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Litter disposal...
by Dominica Doud


April 23, 2004

Ms. Ramsey I regret to inform you that naivete and ignorance go hand in hand. The southern California town that I live in is populated by tanned gods and goddesses who live and surf at the beach all year long. The advocacy group here is Surf Rider and their focus is on having clean water to surf in. It was with some shock - and no little adrenaline - when I saw a couple of guys in a VW van with a couple of surfboards sticking out of the back actually open a window and drop their Mc-in-the-Wendy's-box trash in the street! Thank you for pointing out that the best information is education.

There is a small city here in southern California called Encinitas where they have a trash can beautification project that I believe either serves or benefits at-risk-youth. The phone number for the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce is 760.753.6041. Good luck!

Dominica Doud
Carlsbad, CA - USA

P.S. My Ketchikan connection is my pop - Mike Harpold! Hi Dad!


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