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by Caroline Luckey


April 21, 2004

Mr. Ferry it is good that you are an ally of the American Indian and other indigenous peoples of North America. I do believe that you may be misinformed as to the agreements and treaties of the government and the Alaska Natives and American Indians. Please allow me to inform you. It was an agreement for the lands and the maltreatment of the Indians and Natives that was compensated with Health Care and other forms of reparation. Even the people of Iraq will receive their land back wherein the Indians will not. There are many ways of looking at this. As an ally of the indigenous with the blessing of love of an indigenous woman I am sure that you would understand the differences that need to be settled here are of great sensitivity. How our taxes are spent in relation to the debt of the American government being paid may be stated a little negatively in this situation. It is an opportune time to reflect on the millions and billions on the Iraq peoples. That is something that can be changed today. Walk in Beauty.

Caroline Luckey
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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