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Re: "R" For Republican
by Jay Jones


April 05, 2004

In responding to Mr. James Hanson's (from Oregon) comments, I'll try not to answer your questions with questions. I never seem to get any of my questions answered anyway. Although there may not be any State money involved in the purchase of Ward Cove, my point is that the State (and Republicans) are supporting Borough ownership by entering a long term rental agreement.

The fact that there is no change in policy between a Democrat and Republican Administration towards public subsidy of a private company is precisely why I question what the "R" means behind some politicians' names.

I don't care where the State Capitol is as long as it is the cheapest alternative to taxpayers. Common sense tells me that a central location would save on travel.

I would love to purchase some Ward Cove Property before the Borough gives it away.

I would much rather rent the property for say, $2000 a month and recieve an electric subsidy from the city. Then I could obtain Federal grants and maybe loans from the Bourough. I would then start a tool rental business and rent myself all my own tools. Sound familiar?

The Arts Center may be priviately owned but it is costing the taxpayers at least 1.2 million dollars. But we may never know the precise amount. Where is the irony in that? (oop's, I asked a question!)

I don't know if I would call subsidized rent, subsidized electricity and various public grants to the tune of millions as "non-government jobs". And many of those jobs are filled by out-of-state workers (from Oregon,perhaps?). With so much government (taxpayer,ratepayer) money going towards "non-government jobs" I would be curious to know how much business the Shipyard does with Tyler Rental on a monthly basis. I guess I will have to run for office to find out where all the money went. Apparently it won't matter what letter I put behind my name.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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