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RE: '"R" For Republican
by James Hanson


April 03, 2004

In response to Jay Jones questions about the Republican administration in Alaska, did the State of Alaska take ownership of the Borough-owned Ward Cove property when I wasn't looking? If not, what does the State have to do with Borough policy regarding the property?

Did the policies of the Murkowski administration suddenly change everything from the way the Knowles administration functioned? I haven't heard of any changes between either administration in the way the Ketchikan Shipyard is run or handled.

If there are no changes in the State of Alaska policies regarding Ketchikan Shipyard, you're either misinformed or engaging in propaganda against a political party you don't support.

At least Murkowski is from Ketchikan and knows Southeast Alaska, most of the past Governors weren't from Southeast and didn't care about it. Actually, most of the people that don't live in Southeast think of it as a piece of Canada. They resent the fact that Juneau is the Capitol and have been trying to move the Capitol to Anchorage. Not Juneau, just the Capitol, but I wouldn't put it past them.

If you think this isn't true, go spend a week or two in the Anchorage area and try discussing Southeast and the Capitol move with the locals.

A previous Democrat Governor tried to move the Capitol to Anchorage, and Southeast had enough votes to stop it. That same Governor "punished" Southeast by moving the entire State to one time zone, from what was once four time zones. Now, the sun really does rise and set on Anchorage.

You want private ownership of the Shipyard and Ward Cove Borough property. You seem sort of enterprising, why don't you apply for a loan and buy the Ward Cove property from the Borough and set up a wooden bowl manufacturing facility, or maybe a veneer plant?

Your comment on disliking higher taxes rings with irony when you bring up the subject of the Arts Center. Is the Arts Center privately owned, or is it more government leading to higher taxes? At least, the Shipyard is about non-government jobs.

A few of the other "regulars" in this forum seem to think if you don't like the way things are being done, run for office. Why don't you take a run at the Borough Assembly, get yourself elected and make things better?

James Hanson


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