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"R" For Republican
by Jay Jones


April 01, 2004

Senator Stedman, I couldn't help but notice that "R-Sitka" after your name. Just what does the "R" stand for? Is it part of the Republican platform to support Federal, State, and Local government ownership of land in order to compete with private enterprise? Do Alaskan Republicans believe the Borough should function as the area's largest commercial property owner? And at a loss (so far) of how many millions of taxpayer's dollars? Is this "good policy and strong leadership"? Do the people of Juneau know how much tax money has been spent at Ward Cove? And tell me Senator, how much money has the State lost at the Shipyard? Why would Republicans be in favor of a Government-controlled, centralized industrial policy? All of the free-market thinkers I know advocate immediate sale of the Ward Cove properties and the Shipyard to private ownership (thus ending the rent and electric subsidies at the Shipyard). I know many taxpayers in this city who would be "grateful" if government would limit itself to legitimate functions. But on the bright side, we are now getting an Arts Center where we can go and escape for a few hours to forget about our increasing property tax bills and electric rates, and the spectra of an income tax and a decreasing PFD.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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