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RE: Move the museum, enlarge the library
by Robert D. Warner


April 03, 2004

I must respectively disagree with Museum Director Michael Naab and his recent comments critical of citizen recommendations on moving the museum and preserving the library at its present location. In response to a Sitnews Viewpoint by P. J. Travis, Mr. Naab is quick to state that local residents do not have to purchase a admission ticket to visit the museum. What he isn't saying is that our local taxes pay for most museum operations and its large paid staff.

When I arrived in Ketchikan 30 years ago, the museum had a wonderful local focus with a paid staff of two and a enthusiastic group of volunteers. In recent years the volunteers have been replaced for the most part by paid staff that is clearly focused on the summer tourist season. How many of our local tax dollars support this expensive overhead? Why does the museum need a director and two senior curators?

Does Mr. Naab realize that a study several years ago indicated it would be less costly to move the museum and keep the library in the Centennial Building? Who made this decision to move the library rather than the museum? It is clear to me that citizens should decide this issue rather than a small group of city officials or the city council.

Who is expected to pay for these lavish new facilities being pushed by the museum and library directors? In my opinion, if the Ketchikan City Council ever gains courage to make significant cuts in the budget rather than raise taxes, the library and museum would be excellent places to start.

In regard to the Viewpoint by P. J. Travis......YES, YES, YES!


Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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