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Neckameyer is right on with his Islamofacisist remarks
By Bob Harmon


March 25, 2007
Sunday AM

Dear Sitnews Editor,

I only get to write to you once a year or so but believe me, I read Sitnews just about word for word every day.. I get all the world and Alaska news quickly and for free from you and the people who write into your Opinion section are very smart. I also like the way you print opinions on both sides of all issues unlike most newspapers who have a favorite angle on everything. Thank you for all this. Reading Mark Neckameyer's frequent Opinion letters is one of my favorite Sitnews things to do as he is witty and funny as well as being thoughtful.

Mr. Neckameyer wrote the other day about how Israel is not to blame for radical Islamists doing terrorists acts and generally acting up all around the world. He did not mention how they or at least the Taliban who subscribe to the Islamic Law of Sharia, blew up the ancient anrcheological statues in Afghanistan. Those statues of Buddah were from another time and were treasurers belonging to the World and they had no right to destroy them. Neither do Islamic governments have the right to treat women so badly all over the world. Women can't drive in some Muslim countries and they can't own property in other Muslim countries. It is legal for husband to beat their wives in many Muslim nations and husbands can divorce their wives at any whim, casting them out on the streets into poverty. It is a shame.

Israel was set up to protect and shelter the Jewish refugees of the Nazi Holocaust and it has subsequently gathered up refugees from the mostly Muslim dictatorships of the Middle East and Jews who escaped the tyranny of the former USSR. How can we blame those poor people when the kinds of persecutors who they fled become mad that they have finally found freedom? The UN or some organization has to mandate a basic level of freedom for everybody in the world where women can drive, read and vote, where all people can worship however they wish and where people are safe from fanatic suicide bombers. If the US has to provide the muscle, the soldiers to free everyone in the world, I can go along with that. Let's do it without all the finger pointing. Our "War Protestors" are providing comfort to some very dangerous enemies of the US and of Freedom. Blaming Isreal is just a "Blame the Victim" game too.

Bob Harmon
Juneau, AK

Received March 25, 2007 - Published March 25, 2007

About: Bob Harmon is a retired teacher. He was born and raised in Seattle and taught English most of his career in the Des Moines, Iowa schools. A few years ago, the Harmons moved to Alaska after retiring to help his wife's aging parents.


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