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Finding Peace...
By Mark Neckameyer


March 22, 2007
Thursday AM

Regarding the letter in your viewpoint section entitled: "Israel-Finding Peace with its Arab Neighbors" By Tom Proebsting on March 19th:

Writing about how easy it would be to end Muslim terrorism in the world if Israel would only play nice in Sitnews' March 19th Viewpoints section, Tom wrote "The two groups have been at each other's throats since Israel became a nation in 1948. Most Islamic terrorism originates from this dispute." Tom, how about the Muslim extremists in Thailand slaughtering Buddhists? How about the Muslims in the Philippines chopping off Catholic heads"? How about the Muslims in Darfur raping and killing African Blacks to make them get out of their own country? What about the Indonesian Muslim Extremists who are murdering and terrorizing ethnic Chinese? Heard about bombings and murders in England, France and Spain because Muslim Extremists want Europe "back" 'cause Muslims owned much of it, oh, a thousand years ago or so?

While most Muslims are just regular people who want peace like the rest of us, want good jobs and safe family lives, too many are imbued with the philosophy that all "infidels" should be killed and it is their duty to do so, to kill children and old people and anybody and everybody not a Muslim. They are indoctrinated from Pre-K to convert or kill all of us and if they martyr themselves in the process they get 39 virgins to play with as a gift from God. I see in the newspaper today that they are even using and killing their own children now to make their suicide bomb cars harder to spot. I wonder if the kids are too young for the virgins do they get Barbie Dolls instead? The families of these murderers get money and adulation from their communities. It makes me sick!

Tom, they hate Israel most because it has more non-Muslims closer and so it is easier to get there to do bad things. To me one of the great demonstrations of the Muslim (Extremists, always have to add that "E" word!) sense of fairness is how in Western nations, as mostly refugees coming hat in hand begging for help, they demand the right to wear veils, mutilate their daughters' genitals like they do at home and ban "the Three Little Pigs" stories from our libraries while in many Muslim countries, wearing a cross around your neck will get your throat cut.

You really think it would be easy to get these Barbarians to be nice, Tom?

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received March 21, 2007 - Published March 22, 2007

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