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Daylight Savings Time
By Ken Levy


March 19, 2007
Monday AM

In Response to Mr.Ken Lewis, it seems that he flunked history in High School.In 1983 Ronald Regan who was a Repuplican President re signed a Federal law to extend Daylight Savings time and in 2005 George Walker Bush signed a Federal bill to move back Daylight Savings Time by 3 extra weeks.

For your information George Walker Bush is a Republican President the last time I looked.

The laws come from Washington but in some cases can be changed by state governments.Did you get a chance to vote on these laws or were they ramed down your throat.

Arizona and Hawaii fought back and said "NO" to Washington.

If you snooze you lose. If Alaska did not let her people vote on this issue it could have been changed by the people ,overturned in a state election.

All you have to do is get enough signatures to get the issue on a ballot.Like taking candy from a baby.

I suggest you study your history, and also learn which party was in power in Washington when these laws were put into effect.

It's simply History 101 pal.

Ken Levy

Received March 14, 2007 - Published March 19, 2007


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