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Democrat Time Zones
By Ken Lewis


March 14, 2007
Wednesday AM

Ken Levy's blaming Bush for time adjustments is false teachings, or revisionist history at work. And if I thought he was a teacher, teaching my child that unadulterated crap, I would sue the public school system. Take accountability left of center. And here is the truth about time.

Democrats stole my kid's time in the1983 and those facts do not lie. The Governor of Alaska was a Democrat, and the House and Senate was controlled by Democrats. Pressure was put on Alaska by way of denying Fed dollars to this State. This muscle was used to go from a 4 time zone state to a 2 time zone state. End result was we needed lights at a ball park in order to get the 2 games in, unlike the years before we sold our kids down the river. Kids had to go in the house an hour earlier based on darkness, unlike they did the previous year. All toll 365 hours of evening recreational light was stolen each year from southeast families since. This is what Democrat control gave South East Alaska. The next over weight butt you see on a child needs a tattoo of the Democratic Party.

Teach that lesson to the children of SE AK. It is fact based. Now, the poster children of the left are educating America about childhood obesity and CARBON FOOT PRINTS.

Making our SE AK kids go into the house 1 hour earlier to sit on the couch and fire up some Pop Tarts was the Democratic Party's brilliant idea. Do the research. It's under Alaska History. The over used mantra of "the children will suffer", is what happens when a political party has control. It is no guarantee against it.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 13, 2007 - Published March 14, 2007

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