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Our President
By Sarah Harney


March 08, 2007

Mr. Levy, it is a shame that one would feel the need to bash on our President in such a manner. In the past for one to make such comments, such as the WORST president would be considered treason. One would have their life taken away to say such blasphemy against the President. Is this what we have become? A nation that fuels on hatred for one who was appointed to lead our country. I society that can make such hasty statements without any validity to back them up? Obviously our President was chosen for a reason, regardless of untrue falsehoods of "brotherly love". It is a tough and thankless job to lead a country, to make decisions daily about our future. Yes, there may be issues that we can't understand and decisions that we don't agree with, but were we elected to the office? Those who are ignorant and uneducated about issues are those who make such irrational statements. It is easy to sit back in our safe little homes without the whole country relying on us to fix the world's problems. It is easy to base such judgments because we ourselves aren't having to make the tough decisions.

Our President is trying to clean up the mess that was left for him from the last president to lead our country. Whom by they way chose to lead our country into a sink hole. Do you not remember Kosovo? A war that we had no business going into. Oh, and let's not forget his wonderful Vice President, Al Gore and his over zealous passion for our environment. Oh yeah and all those tax breaks that were suppose to help us, which by the way brought our country even further into debt. Which lead our town into economic despair. Maybe, you and others can't relate to the pain our town felt when our Pulp Mill was shut down, due the environmentalists in congress fueling and distorting the President's view of our town. Thanks, to the choices during President Clinton and Al Gore our town has yet to resemble the economic stability we once had. We now rely on outsiders and foreigners to feed our families.

Regardless of whether we believe and agree with the decisions being made in the White House, it is our duty to back up and to support our President. This is why we are a country that is so easy to prey on. We have no unity, nothing to bind us to others. We can't stand together as a nation because we all think that we know more than others. How are we ever going to provide a safe environment and future for our children if we are too busy pointing fingers where they shouldn't be? Have we forgotten that day, when we saw our country attacked? It is our duty as patriots to stand by our guy, yes especially in the times we don't agree. Isn't that what we are taught growing up, "we can agree to disagree". Give our President a chance. He has had to clean up the mess of another President and then try to protect our country against those who want to see us fail. Let us try to stand united and not allow our disagreements to stop us from forming a strong country. We have a chance to unite and not allow our bias to separate our country and be an open prey to another attack.

Sarah Harney
Phoenix, AZ

Received March 08, 2007 - Published March 08, 2007

About: "Born and raised in Ketchikan. Currently a student as Arizona State University."


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