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Forgotten Heroes
By Ken Levy


March 06, 2007
Tuesday PM

Boy do I agree with what Ralph Mirsky had to say about how our troops are being treated when they come home from the war.What's going on at Walter Reed Hospital is shameful. And it's all George Walker Bush's fault. He has spent so much on the Iraq war that they are cutting funds to the VA. Another blunder in a long line of total screw ups by this man who has really let his country down.

Our brave troops are either coming home in body bags or with broken bodies and until now no one has cared. Now that we have a Democratic Congress I think we will see things get better in the way of medical care. Bush will have no choice but to sign a bill that is on its way to his desk for more funds to help take proper care of our troops.

This is another reason we need to get out of Iraq now.We need to take care of American problems at home. Protect America, rebuild America, and take better care of her people.It's time

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