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The Iraq War
By Ken Levy


March 08, 2007

In response to Mr. Kline's letter about Al Gore ,let me remind him that when Bill Clinton left office in January of 2000 his approval rating as President with the American people was at 73%.

I'm not saying he was perfect. His personal life with Monica was not a good thing. But his work as President of the United States was outstanding. He knew policy in the Middle East well. He knew that an invasion of Baghdad without reason and without a plan was wrong.

George Walker Bush is sitting with an approval rating at 30% as of this morning.Why? Well to start with he lied to the American people about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. He was told by many who had turned over every rock in that country that they were not a threat and yet he used his power not to have a personal affair but to take America to War.

That War has cost America over 3,100 deaths so far and thousands coming home with no legs , no arms ,and head injuries that will linger for years. Our troops are not being treated well as they return, now we have the scandal of Walter Reed Hospital going on.

And the cost in monies, over a trillion dollars spent so far. Our kids will be paying off this debt for years.

And let us not forget about the people sitting in Love Canal in New Orleans waiting for FEMA to help them rebuild their broken city.

Months of broken promises by the Bush administration.

A real mess awaits the next President, whomever it will be. Left by a man who will go down in history as the worst President this country has ever had.

I love my country ,I'm very sad that we have a leader that has taken us in the wrong direction in every way possible. The cost of his failures will be felt by our kids for years to come.

Ken Levy

Received March 08, 2007 - Published March 08, 2007

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